Numero Uno

Yo Yo,

So we’re going on an cross-country jaunt starting in Seattle and driving back out to the dirty South. We decided to allow people to follow our endeavors across the country and see it as we do. We’ll be updating this every four or five hours hopefully. Why are we making a cross-country drive back from the Pacific NorthWest? I bought a car on ebay and I’s gots to gets it backs somehow.


David – multi-instrumentalist, bass – Donbravado
Jerry – multi-instrumentalist, hammer – Jerry & The Jackstraws
Raj – embarassing instrumentalist, guitar, percussion – Hin-Jews
1969 BMW 2002 – unknown, untested – ~60,000 miles

One Response to “Numero Uno”

  1. kevin Says:

    what’s a “bitterfruit”?

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